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Dog Walking

Whether you are at work or away or just unable to provide your dog with all the excercise it needs, I can help! I can collect your dog/s from your home and return them after a good walk, refreshed  and satisfied.  If you are not able to be at home I am happy to make arrangements to satisfy you in gaining access to your home.  I can provide a regular service or occasional walks as required. Most of my walks are charged for an hour (though I frequently walk for longer).  Prior to taking your dog out for the first time I will meet with you and your dog to discuss your dog's temperament, behaviour and needs before taking him/her out for the first free walk.


I live in Birstall and for the most part take my dog walks around the many trails available in the local area, including Watermead Park, Ellis Meadows, Castle Hill Country Park, Wanlip Meadows, as well as other paths and parks. There are lots of nooks and crannies, spaces and smells for your dog to enjoy and I will ensure your dog is in the company of other dogs that provide the best opportunities for happy socialisation.


Where possible I prefer to walk dogs off lead so they can enjoy the freedom and gain the most from their time with me in the beautiful surroundings, though they remain under my control and are leashed when necessary.  Dogs learn how to respond from other dogs and I can teach your dog to walk off lead and to remain happily with the rest of the group.

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