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Do you worry about leaving your dog alone for long periods?  Studies have shown how anxious and distressed dogs can become after a couple of hours on their own. Dogs are naturally sociable creatures who can blossom when they can be having fun with others when you can't be there for them.  Doggy Day Care gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you go about your business and returning home with a happy, contented dog.


Day care is provided in my home, where dogs have the space and freedom to rest and play.  I am lucky to live in a large house where there is plenty of room for dogs to roam around, with a fully enclosed garden that they can enjoy as well.  


I treat all dogs as my own, giving them lots of fuss, attention and playtimes.  They have the opportunity to socialise with other dogs and to have a fun-filled doggy day!


They will get at least one walk a day of minimum one hour (see Dog Walking page for more details).


All dogs coming to doggy day care must be fully vaccinated.


The first doggy day care day for regular daycare and boarding is provided free of charge  to make sure you and your dog/s are happy with the care provided.


Day Care

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